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Archives  2009 - 2017
collection antique Louis Vuitton.
"Travel of Antique LOUIS VUITTON" in KOCHI   

from : 10th March - 6th May / 2012   at : Kochi Liberty and People`s Museum
Kochi Liberty and People`s Museum
Garret private collection of
Louis Vuitton Antique Trunks

in ION LAKE TOWN Koshigaya /
Saitama Pref. 17th 〜 20th Nov. 2011
A small exhibition held at the huge
shopping center ION in JAPAN.
Large visitors and very high estimation.

Our museum, moved to our studio, has been opened 15th Oct 2011.
Now, guest house for the customer with reservation only, and as the office for lent
our collection.

Charity-concert for Japan Earthquake
March 11 held on 17th April in Garret
Museum collaborated with 7 minami-
ashigara classic orchestra members.
More than 50 persons came and gather
−ed ¥125,000 , donated to the sufferes
through the minamiashigara government.
Many thanks.!
Vogue magazine Collection

from 1910's to 1930's
date : JUNE / 2011〜31st Aug./2011 
at   : Museum cafe GARRET

Private Antique Garret Collection
mini Gallary
- Louis Vuitton trunks
and Pub.exhibision .
date : 01 - 31 / JULY / 2011  
at : ONRIーYUー 
/ modern spring resort, near museum
and Saijouji-Daiyuusann.
We had a first exhibition in JUNE 2009
of antique collection of LV trunks,ads,
and small items collaborated Y150 (150
anniversary of opening port of Yokoha-
ma),cooperated with Yokohama Arts
Foundation and under the joint auspices
of  L'Institut Franco-Japonais a Yokohama
(French government official agency).
05/June - 14/June/2009

Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse 2f
We run a Private Museum & Cafe
'GARRET' exhibiting the Antique Collec-
tion, mainly Louis Vuitton's products.
It located in the quiet old countryside
near the Hakone Pre., from Sept.2010-
to Sept. 2011

Copyright ; 2011 PRAIVATE MUSEUM GARRET All Rights Reserved.
from 23rd Nov.2012 to 18th Aug.2013
We run 'GARRET Design Gallery' in Tokyo exhibiting the Pre-modern & Modern products,near HUKAGAWA-EDO-MUSEUM , Kiyosumi-Shirakawa historical garden, in the area of the artisans.  details
Museum Garret / +81-465-703033 / Kanagawa JAPAN /
The Long Journey
of Small L.VUITTON Trunks.

at Gallery Little High in TOKYO
about the ROMAN AND BEAUTY of

from : 10th - 23rd December / 2014
One of our collection was on air !!!
13rd March / 2016, NIPPON TV.
'museum in the sleeping woods.'
TV crewes visited our museum on Feb.
and the photos are scenes of studio recording at NIPPON TV, Koujimachi.
Our museum was reported on TV program of JURNEY by train named [Burari ・・・]. TV crew visited and on aired 19th Nov./2016, NTV..
Oh! a famous talent was as a traveller.
Our museum was reported on TV
of COLLECTOR of antique items
[Gokujou ・・・]. TV crew visited and on
aired 02nd Feb./2017, BS Japan.

Oh! a famous actor is the host of this Salon.
We welcomed Mis.HATA, former member of Diet and a director of art museum, and her husband Mr.FUNADA, the member of Diet, Cabinet minister experienced, in Feb.2017