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Our Service Overview

 “Garret” means the room under the roof, we light the
 aged things standing still there. We basically run the
 special exhibition, organized and displayed with the
 objects had kept pace with Louis Vuitton items and
 their era.
 We prepare the panels for explanation and answer
 directly to the visitors, too.    detailes
collection antique Louis Vuitton.
 We offer rental museum in JAPAN.
 Please access directly.  detailes
some of the cards / details
*Original Paper Craft           
GARRET collection original guide CD            


*Post Card  : 30pices and more.               @ US$ 1.00 〜  (10 x 14.8cm)

details-pc shop
@ US$ 45.00 〜
Louis Vuitton
"the monogram travelled
around a century ago".   
(published by Garret / in JAPANESE) @ US$ 5.00
Museum Garret / +81-465-703033 / Kanagawa JAPAN /

PAPER CRAFT Corner & Class to make
 At first, we've started to draw plane figure to record
 the data of antique LOUIS VUITTON trunks owned by
 our museum.

 This operation led us to write a expansion plan, finally we
 arrived at these Paper Craft Models.

 All of these models are based on the antique L. VUITTON
 trunks (except for a hat-box Round)from 1910' to 30'.

 We explain about the details of exhibits with these mini
 models to our visitors, and now selling for souvenir and run
 the class for make them by yourself.
detailes-pc corner  
We don't sell models of LV monogram, only for our museum.

details-pc class
*Garret recommeded pieces.  detailes
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steamer bag 1901
monogram trunk 1960's