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Exhibition of

Private Garret Collection
Antique Louis Vuitton

2009 / 05 - 14 June  Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

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When I was working at an architect studio in Milano I was extreamly shoked when I found the large antique
Louis Vuitton trunks in the show-window of a famous luxury boutique at Via Mt.Napoleone.
They are the very furniture not only trunks, I found and moved by the modern functions and
traditional skills in them.Then, I become to feel somehow familiarity to them, as a industrial designer.
After this, on the way to my country in 1974, I'd touched the L.V.Trunks directry for the first time.
The history and the story of us had just started from this L.V.Store happened to find on the
Av.Marceau in an autumn, Paris.
I began to collect the old L.V.trunks at here and there asking to our small purse with my wife.
This is the start of the history of our Private Garret Collection Antique Louis Vuitton .
You can find the small products telling the early days of us.
May be a Museum of surprise, a bit, - Oh ! really ? The Louis Vuitton?

I had a great occasion to have this EXHIBITION.
Thank you very much to the guest and the L'Institut Franco-Japonais a Yokohama
& Yokohama Red Brick House. 

Louis Vuitton  Private Antique Garret Collection

2009 / 05 / JUN.(Fri.)〜14(Sun)   at : Yokohama RED BRICK Warehouse
協  力  横浜赤レンガ倉庫1号館2F (財団法人 横浜市芸術文化振興財団)
共  催  横浜日仏学院

主  催  R & K.Ma
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collection antique Louis Vuitton.
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