Private Museum Cafe    GARRET
Collection Antique Louis Vuitton
  2010 - 2011 autumn
openning, with the mayor of that time.
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gallery A
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gallery B  etc.
repoted by magazines, TV.
charity to the TOHOKU earthquake
paper-craft lab.
ミュージアム ガレット コレクション アンティーク ルイ・ヴィトン 神奈川県南足柄市
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We had a Private Museum Cafe 'GARRET exhibiting the Antique Collection,
mainly Louis Vuitton's antique products. It's perhaps the only one museum in the world
(at the time of 2010) without the Vuitton Museum Asnier, PARIS.
At first, we had an exhibition in JUNE 2009 with more than 200 items from my antique collection of
LV trunks, ads, and small items at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse 2f, collaborated Y150
(150 anniversary of opening port of Yokohama) .
At that occasion, we cooperated with Yokohama Arts Foundation and under the joint auspices of
L'Institut Franco-Japonais a Yokohama (French government official agency).
About 70 antique LV trunks had been displayed, and more than 120 pieces of LV Ads on Vogue and
Illustration, famous magazines, historic keys, toys, old catalogues of Louis Vuitton as well.
This collection (I list a several photos of exhibition) covered the items 1870-1970,
especially during the Art Nouvure and Deco period, they, the Family Louis Vuitton of 3 generations,
worked hard, enjoyed their ability and established their fame, now the BIG BRAND all over the world.

As I'm an industrial designer, I'd been interested in their trunks in function, idea, form.....
more than 30 years ago at first. Then I became to know the process they got their position,
found the story and the history behind them.
We'd like to present the Historic point of view through the stream of one famous brand,
lasting more than 150 years, who breathed in the air of that era fully,
flapped the wings highly, just encountered the time so keenly changed.
For we've fronted another point of human history, now.

We had a very good and satisfied time in that exhibition 2009 with many visitors
in the faintly floating smell of Bon Cafe.
So, after that, we had our 'Cafe GARRET' as a showing space of our collections continuously.
Our 'Cafe GARRET' locates in the quiet old countryside near the Hakone Pre.,
very famous resort point in Japan about 1 hour from Tokyo & Yokohama.
You can also enjoy a legend of very famous strong boy Kintarou, a grand view of Mt.Fuji and
visit the most historic Zen Temple Saijouji in 15-45 minute’s drive.
Only one year's activity, many people should enjoyed the time on a smell of Bon Cafe.

open autumn 2010 - closed autumn 2011